Kevin Smith Is Developing a Sam and Twitch SPAWN Spinoff Series for BBC America

It's no secret that Kevin Smith is a fan of comic books, and he's recently been enjoying his time at the CW directing episodes of The Flash and Supergirl. He also recently announced that he was going to make a new Jay and Silent Bob movie. Now he's got a new TV project in the works! We've learned that Smith is set to write, direct, and executive produce a series based on Todd McFarlane's Spawn

The series will be a supernatural crime series based on the homicide detective characters from Spawn, Sam and Twitch. The series is being developed for BBC America. The announcement came from GM Sarah Barnett, who had this to say in a statement:

"They were originally introduced in Spawn, and it's Todd McFarlane's comic book series about these big-city homicide detectives who face a series of super grizzly [sic] crimes that are connected to the occult. It's kind of frightening and sort of gallows humor. It's, again, procedural, but in a very modern, contemporary way. So each episode is closed-ended, although there are certain character-serialized aspects to the storytelling."

I love Sam and Twitch, and I'm 100% on board with Smith developing the series! I think he'll have a lot of fun with it and give Spawn fans something awesome to enjoy while we wait for MacFarlane to finally get around to making his long-awaited Spawn movie that will probably never happen. At least we'll get this series centered around Sam Burke and Twitch Williams! 

They were among the few human characters in the franchise who earned Spawn's trust. On top of the comics they appeared in in Image, they were also included in HBO's Spawn animated series and in the 1997 live-action film. 

There's no information on when this series will be released. As of right now, it's just in the development phase so it will probably be awhile. 

Source: Deadline

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