Kevin Smith Reveals the Plot for MALLRATS 2 and Says It's a "Family Melodrama With Cursing In It"

The last thing we heard about Kevin Smith's Mallrats 2 was that it was going to be developed into a ten-part series. I was very excited about this because now Smith will get to tell more of a story with all the characters that we came to enjoy in the first film. 

I loved Mallrats, and I couldn't be more excited that Smith is going to get to continue the story of these characters in a sequel series. Smith recently revealed some plot details of his upcoming Mallrats in an interview with Creative Screenwriting, along with the directors that inspired the franchise and the tone we can expect from it.

"It’s a real sweet, family story. It’s a multi-generational tale. It’s my chance to do John Hughes and Degrassi Junior High, because much like the Degrassi formula we know our legacy cast – we know Brody and Rene and T.S. and Jay and Silent Bob – and then we meet their kids. So we meet Brody and Rene’s daughter Banner Bruce, and the story takes place in his world and her world. Nobody goes to the fucking mall anymore, so the kids are baffled by it, and Brody still believes in it in a big, bad way."

No one goes to the mall to hang out anymore? Smith must not go to the mall very often because tons of teenagers still hang out at the mall. They're all playing Pokemon Go there. He went on to talk about being inspired by John Landis and John Hughes:

"The thing that I’m happiest about is that when I was doing it as a movie – I always saw the two inspirations for Mallrats as John Landis and John Hughes – and the Mallrats 2 script was very John Landis. Very antic, with guns everywhere, and lots of explosions and action, and less John Hughes.
"The chance to do Mallrats as a series allows me to do more John Hughes than John Landis and particularly the area of Hughes that I never got to tackle as much as I did in Yoga Hosers: high school. Yoga Hosers was the first time I got to play with high school characters and, oddly enough, as a forty-six-year-old man I think my maturity level is just at high school level right now?"

He then talked about his excitement for the series, saying:

"Mallrats is high school and family melodrama with cursing in it. It’s like Degrassi Junior High if everyone said “motherfucker” and it was set in America. I love it so much. I cannot wait to do that. It excites me just to think about it."

I've been watching Smith's films since Clerks was released, and for the most part I've liked everything that he's done. The one film I can't get behind, though, is Yoga Hosers. It was one of the worst film I've seen this year. Regardless of that, I'm still a fan, I still love Mallrats, and I'm excited to see what he does with this upcoming sequel series. Bring it on, Kevin! 

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