Kevin Smith Says He Had To Rewrite The JAY AND SILENT BOB Reboot To Remove The Fat Jokes


Kevin Smith’s weight loss has been a positive thing, although a symptom of his success has finally surfaced in the form of the Jay and Silent Bob reboot script. Smith recently revealed on Fatman on Batman (via Comicbook) that he had to rewrite chunks of the script to remove the various fat jokes he peppered in making fun of Silent Bob:

That three-day, four-day weekend whatever the f–ck it was, all my work was done. Then I was like manufacturing work for myself, so I went and did another draft of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. This is the eighth draft of the script and at this point, it’s weird, this is the draft where I had to take out all the fat jokes ’cause they just don’t make sense anymore.

While he’s at it, he might want to rethink the title “Fatman on Batman” for his podcast. How do you think Silent Bob loses the weight? My guess is Jay goes on some rant about Bob doing keto.

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