Kickass Trailer For The Awesome-Looking Martial Arts Film TRIPLE THREAT

So, there's The Expendables, right? It's that movie where they take a bunch of actors who have pretended to be badasses in films and put them all in one movie. Well, what if you were to do one better. Get a bunch of REAL badasses from films to star in one movie. May I introduce you to Triple Threat.

It stars Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Chen. But Bryam, you say to yourself, who are they? Basically some of the finest martial arts film stars we have right now. They have starred in big martial arts films like, Ong-Bak, The Raid, and Man of Tai Chi. All of these films have some fantastic fight scenes, and The Raid is one of my favorite films. Triple Threat also stars some other martial arts experts as well. Michael Jai White, who played Black Dynamite and Scot Adkins, who has had quite a few martial arts films under his belt.

The trailer looks pretty fantastic but doesn't tell us a lot about what the film is about. The three main actors play a team of mercenaries who have to fight a group of professional assassins to stop them from killing a billionaires daughter trying to take down a crime syndicate. That sounds so freaking awesome! 

The stunts were coordinated by Chad Stahelski, the Director of the John Wick movies with loads of stunt coordination experience. It really will be a martial arts film masterpiece if done right. Check out the trailer below.

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