When you look at a supplement for Dungeons & Dragons, whether it be official or not, there is generally a format that tends to be followed. Oliver Clegg has decided to forego said formula to create something amazing. Killer Kobolds from Outer Space is an unofficial adventure module set in Ravenloft with some pretty big twists. For one, the supplement is written like a comic book and takes great inspiration from B-horror films and a macabre sense of humor. Second, each player must play as a pre-made kobold provided in the adventure. Also, there are some fun sci-fi elements thrown into the mix since these are technologically advanced kobolds after all. In addition, there are specific items that the players can start with ,such as the Grab’O’Matic, to aid them in one of five scenarios. Each scenario is vastly different than the others and it’s fantastic.

Take on the role of evil alien Kobold marauders as you descend on an unnamed village to execute a night of horror and bedlam with your very scientific™ devices in this RAVENLOFT one shot for 3-5 players.

You can purchase Killer Kobolds from Outer Space on DMs Guild for $4.99.

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