KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX Coming Later This Year

In anticipation of its recently announced Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has announced that its second ReMIX collection is coming to the PS3 later this year to give gamers a chance to catch up on the storyline. The qualifications in the title show the main thing wrong with the Kingdom Hearts series as of late, as too many offshoots have bogged the franchise down and confused the storyline, so I'm glad that they are packaging them together and bringing them to console. The HD 2.5 ReMIX includes the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2 which includes additional boss battles, weapons, and extra cutscenes designed to flesh out and hopefully clear up the story. 

The bundle also includes the Final Mix version of Birth by Sleep, which was previously released on PSP. In addition, it also includes the cinematics from Re:coded, just like the 1.5 ReMix included scenes from 358/2 days. I'm actually quite stoked to play both of these games, as I haven't played the original KH2 for quite some time now, and Birth by Sleep slipped past my radar completely. Plus, gummy ships!

Yes, I was THAT one guy who liked the gummi ships, but I still maintain they were awesome.

Enjoy some new screens from the remaster below.

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