Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Cast in FARGO Season 2

Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man) and Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) are the two latest actors to join the cast of Fargo Season 2. I like both of these actors, and this will be a great project for them to take on. 

It was previously reported that Rachel Keller was cast in the series and that Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec) were in discussions. Donovan will play a man named Dodd, Keller has been cast as Simone, and if Offerman signs up, he’ll take on a character named Carl. 

According to THR, Dunst will play a character named Peggy Blomquist, “a beautician with big-city dreams who is trying to figure out who she really is and what she really wants as she struggles with societal expectations.” As for Plemons, he will play Ed, “Peggy's husband and a butcher's assistant who wants to be supportive of his wife's self-discovery — even if he doesn't quite understand it.”

The series was created by Noah Hawley, who says the second season will be set in Sioux Falls in 1979. The series will center on feature Lou Solverson, who is the father of Molly Solverson from Season 1. He is a 33-year-old veteran returning from the Vietnam War. Hawley explained a little about why he went this route.

“That time period is interesting — post-Vietnam, post-Watergate … the best of America versus worst. That sense, I think, that this war had come home with people, and the violence and brutality of it. Lou Salverson went to Vietnam and came home, but now he’s come back and it’s here — it’s domestic.”

The series will premiere sometime in 2015. 

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