Kurt Russell Confirmed as Star-Lord's Dad Ego in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

Earlier this year a crazy rumor hit the internet that Ego the Living Planet would be the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. A lot of people brushed that rumor off because it was just so insane. Well, part of that rumor turned out to be true! During Marvel's insanely awesome Comic-Con panel yesterday, it was confirmed that Kurt Russell is playing Ego and that he is Star-Lord's dad! How cool is that!? 

We even got to see our first footage of him in the trailer that was screened for fans at the event! He showed up near the end of the trailer as he emerged from an oval shaped ship and introduced to himself to Star-Lord as Ego, his father. Ego says, “After all these years, I’ve found you," to which Star-Lord responds, “Who the hell are you?” Ego hit him back with, “I figured my rugged good looks would make that obvious. My name’s Ego and I’m your dad, Peter.”

Ego went on to explain to Peter that he's not human and that he created a human body for himself. “I created what I imagined biological life would be like, down to the most minute detail,” he said. He came to Earth to experience what it was like to be human. 

Drax hilariously asked him, "Did you make a penis?" Peter and his team of Guardians react with annoyance, and Star-Lord says that he doesn’t need to hear about how he was conceived. But of course Drax pushes for the answer, and Ego happily obliges with, “Yes, Drax, I’ve got a penis.” Then Drax thanks him.

Kurt Russell looks freakin' awesome in the role, and fans are going to go crazy when they see him as Ego for the first time. The crowd in Hall H went apeshit. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out May 5th, 2017.