Kylo Ren Appears in New Trailer For STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Season 2

Disney Channel has released a new trailer for the second season of Lucasfilm’s animated series Star Wars: Resistance, and it looks like fun. I hope that it ends up being better than Season 1. While I enjoyed Clone Wars and Rebels, the first season of Resistance just didn’t click for me.

The animation and the style of the series is cool, but the story just didn’t grab me. Season 2 will actually end up being the final season of the series, so I’ll still watch it until the end to see how it comes to a close.

It’s explained that the “concluding season takes place during the events of The Last Jedi leading up to The Rise of Skywalker, as Kaz and the team continue to fight against the threat of the First Order, culminating in an epic series finale.” The trailer also reveals that Kylo Ren is a part of the story.

Star Wars: Resistance Season 2 will hit Disney Channel and DisneyNOW on October 6th at 10:00pm ET.

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