Kylo Ren Just Wants to Dance in FORCELOOSE!

Have you ever seen a similarity between Kylo Ren and Kevin Bacon? Well, now you will. In this hilarious parody of Footloose from Nerdist, Kylo Ren struggles with the pull from both the light side and the dark side of the Force and decides the only way to deal with the torn feelings he has is to dance through them a la Kevin Bacon. I've got to admit, I was not expecting to like the song as much as I did. It’s a real gem. Throw in Kylo’s dance skills, and it becomes glorious. Include about 5-10 cuts showing the same jump from different angles and you have something special. The cherry on top is finding out that he does “Angry Dancing” from 2-4 followed by hot yoga from 4-6. What other 80’s movies should get the Star Wars treatment?

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