KYLOKI is the Kylo Ren/Loki Sitcom You Didn’t Know You Wanted

What if I told you Kylo Ren and Loki were roommates? You'd probably scoff and say that could never happen because one is from Star Wars and the other from Marvel Comics. Well, it could happen since both of those are owned by Disney, but it's still very unlikely that we'd see any kind of crossover like that. However, the guys over at Leisure Elk decided to explore this idea and the result is hilarious. It’s a small series on YouTube called “KYLOKI” and it features Kylo Ren, Loki, and Matt. Matt is a normal human who lives with them (although it would have been hilarious to find out he’s a radar technician). You also get to meet some of their friends such as Scarlet Witch and Negan. Most episodes are around 5 minutes and they are a lot of fun. Check out the latest episode below where Loki works on his speech for Villain Con and let us know what two characters you think would be hilarious as roommates.

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