Larian Studios May Be Making BALDUR'S GATE III

Larian Studios is most well-known for their franchise Divinity. They even went and shared a mysterious logo video that has led many fans to believe the studio is getting ready to announce Divinity: Original Sin 3, but that may not be the case. @kunkken on Twitter did some digging and found in the code mentions of Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, and Baldur’s Gate. This is leading many to believe that the video is actually teasing Baldur’s Gate III.

While this could be a very elaborate ruse to steer fans in the wrong direction, I think there may be something to this rumor. After all, in September, Dungeons & Dragons will be releasing Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus and so why not revive the Baldur’s Gate video games as well? I can see this as a way to better tie together video games and tabletop games. This could allow for more fleshed out lore as well.

This is not confirmed in any way, but I think this is the most substantiated rumor I’ve heard in a while. Still take it with a grain of salt though, and hopefully Larian will make the reveal at E3 in a couple weeks.

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