Lars von Trier May Have His Ban Lifted From Cannes Film Festival


Since 2011 Lars von Trier has been banned from Cannes Film Festival. For those that don't remember, the ban came after von Trier made the controversial remark that Hitler did "some things wrong," but that he could ultimately sympathize with the dictator. The comment was not well received by critics or audiences, and ever since, he's been out of the festival, until perhaps now.

Variety reported that Cannes artistic director Thierry Fremaux said von Trier could make his return to Cannes with his upcoming controversial film The House That Jack Built, which stars Uma Thurman, Matt Dillon, and Bruno Ganz.

Will von Trier accept the invitation, or will he tell Cannes to stick it where the sun don't shine? What do you think he should do, as well as what do you think he will actually do?

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