LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT Trailer: Ewan McGregor Plays Jesus and The Devil

Just in time for Easter, here's the trailer for Last Days in the Desert, a film about Jesus Christ that imagines some of the events that might have taken place during his forty days of fasting in the desert. Ewan McGregor plays both Jesus and The Devil (who both look identical), and the film was shot by three-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity, Birdman, The Revenant). It's always fascinating when filmmakers (in this case, director Rodrigo Garcia) put their own spin on such an iconic figure.

Last Days in the Desert follows Jesus (Ewan McGregor) in an imagined chapter from his forty days of fasting and praying in the desert. On his way out of the wilderness, he struggles with the Devil, also played by McGregor, over the fate of an ordinary family in crisis, setting for himself a dramatic test with distinctly human conflicts.
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