Latest DUMBO Clip Has Everyone Seeing Dumbo For the First Time and Critic Reactions

We are so dang close to the release of Disney’s Dumbo, but in the meantime we are getting fun little clip and featurette to keep us excited for the big day.

I already know I’m going to cry because I absolutely cannot get through the original animated movie without bawling like a baby about Dumbo’s mom being taken away from him and singing Baby Mine through the jail cell while he cries. I mean, a crying baby elephant. So wrong!

Anyway, I can also tell I am not going to like Danny DeVito’s character as he doesn’t seem to take kindly to Dumbo, despite it being totally obvious that a baby elephant with gigantic ears and big blue eyes would totally be a money-maker for his greedy sleaze ball of a character.

In the clip we see everyone from the circus crew seeing Dumbo for the first time, and Danny DeVito not looking very pleased. As for the featurette, it’s called “Welcome To Dreamland” and it offer us a magicial behind-the-scenes look.

I also included some recent reactions from Critics who have already had a chance to see the movie. As you’ll see, for the most part they seemed to have enjoyed the movie.

Enjoy the clip, and let us know if you’ll be seeing Dumbo when he flies into theatres on March 28th.

I’ll be at the drive-in with my kids… crying like a baby.

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