Latest STAR WARS Rey Lineage Rumor Shot Down by Lucasfilm Executive


In the last Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, it was revealed that the parents of Rey that we have been speculating about for the last two films are supposedly just nobodies who don’t play into the story at all. But fans aren’t going to be happy with that until we see the proof of where Rey came from. It could have easily been a distraction to throw us off, and fans are totally leaning toward that explanation.

A recent rumor that has been circulating is that Rey is the daughter of Han Solo and a mystery woman. But recently when Twitter user What Girl @Bk2Jakku tweeted at active Twitter user and Star Wars executive Pablo Hidalgo, he shot the theory down directly. Here’s how it went down:

Yeah, if all things were on the up and up, and men in galaxies far, far away don’t cheat, that would be a solid argument, but the question clearly asked if a side piece was involved. I know we all hope that Han didn’t do Leia dirty like that, but who knows?

What do you think? Could Han be Rey’s father? What’s your best theory?

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