HOWARD THE DUCK's Lea Thompson Declares Herself "The First Queen of Marvel"

Think of your favorite cinematic Marvel character who's a lady. Got it? Mine's Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Sure the movies were whatever, but Stone was classy as Gwen. But recently, Lea Thompson has made her own mark in the histoy of Marvel films by declaring, "I am the first queen of Marvel."

Ultimately, she's not wrong. Before Marvel became a powerhouse that it is, it made a terrible little movie in the 80's called Howard the Duck starring Lea Thompson as the first Marvel heroine ever portrayed on film. Now, when I say this is a terrible film, I disservice every other terrible Marvel film. Even Fox's Marvel films like Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer is a cinematic masterpiece compared to this dumpster fire. It stars a duck and a woman, and it's just awful. Go watch it and you'll get the idea. 

In an interview with Yahoo Movies on Facebook, Thompson declared her status of Queendom. I say, let her have it. If she's willing to admit she was in that film, and take the honor of being in said film, I say she the first queen of Marvel. It was a different time. A time where being in a Marvel film meant something. It meant you may never act in Hollywood again. Now, there are tons of actresses who are Marvel certified. But here's to you, Lea Thompson... The first Queen of Marvel.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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