Lea Thompson Says That Marvel Studios Loved Her HOWARD THE DUCK Movie Pitch


A few months ago Lea Thompson (Back To The Future, Howard The Duck) revealed that she was going to pitch a new Howard The Duck movie to Marvel Studios. Well, she made the pitch and apparently they “loved it”! Thompson had this to say at Fan Expo Canada:

“It was the first Marvel movie, and now there’s a whole Marvel universe. And to put Howard the Duck in this Marvel universe when they have the special effects that can back it up would be amazing.”

She went on to explain that she brought in the Howard the Duck comic book writers to help her with the pitch.

“I worked on the pitch for a really long time and I had the help of [modern Howard the Duck comic book creative team] Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones and they had done a run of Howard the Duck, the last run of Howard the Duck, and they put me in it, Lea Thompson.”

Thompson then said that Zdarsky and Quinones wanted to be “super meta” so they inserted the real-life actress into the story and not her Howard the Duck character, Beverly Switzler.

“And it was really great, so I asked them for help and Joe drew some drawings and Chip and I worked on the pitch and we did it in Marvel and they really liked it. They loved it, actually. But they were like, ‘We have no plans for these things, and we’re doing the streaming thing, and we’ll call you back.’ So tweet away, guys!”

She then went on to say:

“it was a very good pitch. You guys would love the movie. It would do Howard proud.”

Ever since Howard The Duck made his big screen debut again in Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have been wanting to see a new film with the character! I know I would! Especially if Thompson is involved with it. Yeah, the movie… or series may not happen anytime soon, but I really hope that it eventually happens, even if ends up on the upcoming Disney streaming service.

Apparently Howard almost showed up in Avengers: Infinity War. The director talked about the scene saying that it would have shown the character playing cards with Ken Jeong and he would have been interrupted by Star-Lord.

I love Howard the Duck and it’d be awesome to see him getting a proper adaptation. Hopefully Marvel Studios eventually ends up calling her Thompson back to make this happen.

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