LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Jax vs. Veigar - CG Animated Short

This week is Michinima's League of Legends week, and every day they will release a new short film featuring characters from the franchise fighting each other. The shorts are both live-action and CG animated. Today the first animated short was released, and it features Jax vs. Veigar. It was created by The Rooster, a team of five CG artists from France.

In an epic battle outside the Fields of Justice in the fabled Bandle City, we get up close and personal with Jax and Veigar. Wielding his trusty brass lamppost, Jax goes head-to-head with Veigar, the dangerous and powerful wizard of the magical black arts.

It looks like these are going to be great quality short films, so they are definitely worth checking out. 

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