Learn About All The Different TIE Fighters From STAR WARS in This Video

TIE Fighters are an extremely iconic starship. These evil looking ships are used by the Galactic Empire and First Order to destroy the Rebellion in Star Wars (at least when they're not being used to become engaged). Over the years, there have been many different models such as the TIE Interceptor or TIE Bomber. Sadly, many of these models were taken out of canon after Disney acquired Star Wars and instead put into the Legends category. If you’re a fan of these little fighters though, this video will be a treat. Star Wars Explained went through all of the different TIE models from the original movies and Legends and they talk about the purpose of each model. For example, the TIE Scout had the most capable hyperdrive so that it could carry out missions without the need for a capital ship. Overall, it’s pretty fascinating that there were more than 50 different models. Which one is your favorite?

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