Learn Tricks to Create Cool D&D Characters with THE RULES OF COOL CHARACTERS

When creating a character for Dungeons & Dragons, there’s a lot to consider. What race will you be? Class? Subclass? How are you going to prioritize your stats? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, another thing to consider is the personality of your character. Will they be a goofy yet lovable oaf? Maybe you want your character to be a grizzled ex-soldier. No matter what your choice, there are a lot of things to think about as you play to maintain the right personality throughout. If you want to make a character whose personality is “cool,” you’ll want to check out Ashley May’s The Rules of Cool Characters.

This unofficial supplement was designed to help players design their characters to be cool without being stale. Of course, part of the key to being cool is knowing what cool is to you, as it’s often different for every person. May dives in to explore some of these ideas in her book to help you, the player.

This document won’t provide you with a Potion of Cool, because that would only turn out to be be a Tryhard Tincture. What this document does provide is advice on how to portray characters who are cool. It’s not just about dark cloaks and mysterious histories and walking away from explosions (though it certainly can involve those things)... Being cool is a complex balance of nonchalance, cool heads, and confidence, without coming off as apathetic or overly distant. This guide can help you master that balancing act, and portray characters that are unmistakably cool.

You can grab The Rules of Cool Characters on the DMs Guild for $3.95.

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