Learn What Different Movie Genres Smell Like with These Candles

Gear A24Candles by Tommy Williams

Remember when we found out that there were Star Wars candles? Remember how weird that was? Well, A24 has decided that movie candles are a good idea and now have their own line of candles inspired by movies.

There’s a big difference though. Instead of focusing on a single movie or franchise, these candles are based on genres including Musical, Western, Noir, and more.

There are six different options with each candle costing $48 for 7 oz. According to A24, the candles will last for about 33 movies. If you’re interested, you can head over to the A24 shop now. If you’re curious what they smell like, here you go.

  • Adventure

    • Hot. Sand. Mayan ruins.

  • Horror

    • Leathery. Dank. Not unsettling... but not settling.

  • Musical

    • Green. Lovely. Dewy. Watery.

  • Noir

    • Velvety. Dark. A little spicy. Like rose jam.

  • Thriller

    • Unorthodox. Roasted. Smoky. Metallic.

  • Western

    • Explosive. Sweet. Jarring.

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