Legendary Announces PACIFIC RIM Comic Book Series

We already know that director Guillermo del Toro is prepping a big screen sequel to his robots vs. kaiju movie Pacific Rim, but the adventures are going to continue in comic book form. Legendary has just announced a comic book series is coming this fall called Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift that will be presented by del Toro and have a story from Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham.

A continuation of the bestselling graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, the new Pacific Rim comic series will feature Jaegers never before seen in combat, squaring off against all-new Kaiju creatures.

Sounds pretty rad to me. I'd love to spend more time in the Pacific Rim universe, and the fact that del Toro and Beacham are directly involved and not just farming this out to another writer as essentially a piece of fan fiction means that it should have real, legitimate connections to the films and upcoming animated seriesJoshua Fialkov (The Bunker, I, Vampire, Elk’s Run) is writing, and Marcos Marz (Batman Confidential, Blackest Night: JSA) is providing the artwork, and we'll be able to pick up the first issue in November.

In addition to that, Legendary is also launching two new original comic series this year. The first is called Black Bag, which will feature Legendary's first female action hero and tell the story of a suburban housewife-turned-spy. Sounds a little like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but I can totally see that being a great comic. Chris Roberson (Superman Grounded, Fables, iZombie) is writing, and the artwork will be by JB Bastos (Night Trap). Here's the synopsis:

A suburban housewife with a criminal past and a thirst for adrenaline is about to get a top-secret side job: carrying out the government’s most dangerous missions.
Renear is tired of playing by the rules. A valedictorian and top athlete in her younger years, she’s sacrificed a promising career to tie the knot and play house… isn’t there more to life than this? Of course there is - if you’re willing to take the shot.
It’s time the world found out what she is truly capable of.

And finally, the third comic Legendary is launching is a crime thriller called Cops For Criminals, from the mind of writer Steven Grant (Punisher War Journal, Avengers, Hulk, X) and featuring artwork by Pete Woods (Deadpool, Robin, Catwoman). Here's that synopsis:

When a federal agent becomes a victim of the system he has sworn to uphold, he finds true justice in the criminal underworld.
Agent Woods was one of the best – but everything changed when he was wrongfully convicted and labeled a traitor. After serving his time, this ex-convict is cut loose onto the lawless streets to fight corruption on both sides of the law. Even criminals need a code – and every code needs an enforcer.

Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing how they twist the tried-and-true genre conventions and put their own spin on that story.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to any of these?

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