Legendary Artist Drew Struzan to Do Poster for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII!?

Poster artist Drew Struzan may say that he's retired, but the guy has done lots of posters since he announced his retirement. I guess you can never really retire from something you truly love to do. The guy is one of the best poster artists that's ever lived, and it sounds like he'll be back to create one for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII! He created posters for many of the Star Wars films, so it only makes sense that he'd keep making posters for the new films as well.  

The news comes from the guys over at Schmoes Know, who say that Abrams has contacted the artist to come out of retirement once again to do the poster for his film. I hope this news is true, and I hope that Struzan will agree to do it. The Star Wars universe just wouldn't be the same without him. It needs Struzan to help carry over that magic from the original films.

According to the site, this is a done deal, but as you know, nothing is a done deal until it's been officially announced, and this is not an official announcement. As of right now this is just hopeful wishing for a rumor I want to be true. 

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