Legendary is Developing a Film and TV Series Adaptation of The BLACK HAMMER Comic Franchise

Legendary Entertainment has acquired the rights to Jeff Lemire’s Dark Horse Comics Eisner Award-winning comic book series Black Hammer and they plan on developing it for film and TV.

I’m not familiar with Black Hammer but it’s said to be an epic multi-book saga of interweaving stories, both past and present, “detailing the trials and tribulations of the heroes as well as the villains of Spiral City.”

It’s also described as “a genre-bending series that pushes the limits of what a superhero story can be, while always creating deep metaphors for human experiences. In Black Hammer, the characters come first, and the super hero aspects become the canvas to tell their stories.”

This actually sounds like a great concept that will be fun to play with when bringing the story to life as a film and TV series. As far as the plot goes, this is a story summary for the comic:

Ten years ago, Black Hammer and six other superheroes had saved Spiral City from the Anti-God, but in process became trapped in Rockwood, a timeless Twilight Zone-ish town. Shortly after the heroes arrive, Black Hammer dies. In the present, the six heroes live on Black Hammer farm with very little hope of ever escaping Rockwood.

I’m sold. I’ll probably check out the comic before we see a film or TV series get made. This kind of story and genre is right up my alley.

Lemire will also serve as an executive producer with Dean Ormston, the co-creator and illustrator of the comic series.

Have you read Black Hammer? Do you think this sounds like it will make a good TV series and film?

Source: Deadline

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