LEGO Art for Army of Darkness, Beetlejuice, Rocky, and More

ArtMovieLEGOby Joey Paur

Artist Dan Shearn has created this fantastic series of illustrations featuring classic movie characters as LEGO minifigs. These are all characters from '80s films, such as Army of Darkness, Beetlejuice, Rocky, Big Trouble in Little China, and Blues Bros. Here's a note from the artist...

This is a personal project based on one of my favourite childhood toys, and now my son's favourite as well, Lego. I love the iconic nature of the mini figure it has endured decades and is now a design icon in its own right. I grew up in the 80′s and played with lego mostly in the 80′s so i decided it would be fun to produce 80 mini figures based on my favourite 80′s icons.