Leonardo DiCaprio & Robert De Niro Battle For A Scorsese Film Role in New Commercial Series

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro shared the big screen once before, way back in Marvin's Room in 1996. We've yet to see them appear together in a movie since then, but this may be the closest we get: the two heavy-hitters are starring in a new commercial series for director Martin Scorsese (who also makes an appearance) for a casino called City of Dreams Manila in the Philippines.

De Niro - who has worked with Scorsese eight times (including on another project about casinos called...well, Casino) - faces off against Di Caprio - who has worked with Scorsese five times thus far - for a fictional film role in these commercials, and it's entertaining to see the two of them go back and forth. The actors both have a sense of swagger to them, but perhaps it's just the knowledge that they're each reportedly pulling in $13 million for this series of commercials. The budget supposedly topped out at $70 million, and rumor has it Brad Pitt will show up in at least one of the remaining commercials that haven't aired yet. $70 million seems like a lot of cash for a casino in the Philippines to shell out for a series of ads, but at least it's money well spent - we're talking about their casino, aren't we?

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