Let's Talk About GO GO POWER RANGERS #12

We are coming to the end of Shattered Grid, but that doesn’t mean things are slowing down. If you haven’t read Go Go Power Rangers #12 yet, be warned that spoilers are ahead.


My favorite part is that we finally learn the story of the Ranger Slayer! We get to see her become brainwashed and under Drakkon’s spell. That’s awesome. This then leads into where we left off in #11 where Ranger Slayer had just knocked out Billy, but it’s for a good reason which she explains to Kimberly. However, there’s an awkward glimpse at Jason’s life. He’s dealing with his dad being sick and trying to get his dad to tell Jason’s mom. Normally, I’d love this. Unfortunately, I think it’s placed in a weird spot and we don’t get any resolution about the scene. It’s literally just one page that felt to me like there was going to be more, but the rest got lost.

The next momentous occasion is when Matt runs into Ranger Slayer and is furiously texting the Rangers trying to get help. Ranger Slayer then tells Matt everything after reviving the Gravezord. After the Gravezord is revived, Ranger Slayer sends it remotely to help the Rangers who are struggling against Hammerdillo and Crush-Tacean. It then combines with the Megazord for the super awesome (my second favorite part of the comic) Mega-Gravezord!

We finally get to the most confusing part of the issue. Ranger Slayer finds Tommy Oliver. We have no indication as to when or what dimension this Tommy is in which is what makes this really confusing to me. Ranger Slayer then does some cool acrobatics before shooting what appears to be a magic arrow. Tommy is then shown images of what I believe are the memories of the dead Tommy. Ranger Slayer is next seen losing her powers. At least, that’s what I think is happening.

Of course, the very end of the issue is Matt confronting the Rangers in an attempt to get them to tell him the truth about them being Rangers. The Rangers refuse, and Matt decides he never wants to talk to them again.

I thought this issue was awesome, and I hope and expect things to be explained in #13. What did you think of the issue.

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