Let's Talk About GO GO POWER RANGERS #24

Today, Go Go Power Rangers #24 dropped and it’s an interesting one. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but it is definitely one to check out. If you haven’t read it yet, be warned of spoilers!

NECESSARY EVIL CONTINUES! It’s The Power Rangers vs Lord Zedd, as seen through the —literal—lens of Bulk & Skull. But can these two film the latest episode of Ranger Station and truly escape unscathed?

GGPR #24 is unique as the whole issue is written and drawn from the point of view of Bulk and Skull. We see the goofy duo as they try filming the Rangers to bring everyone the latest Power Rangers news as Ranger Station. Unfortunately, they’ve got rivals who tend to have the upper hand. I’ll be honest, as interesting as it is to watch things happen from a different point of view, I feel like we don’t see too much happen until late in the comic when they go on top of a roof to record the latest fight the Rangers are in.

At this point, Skull spots some people in trouble as they are trapped in an alley with smoke and dust coming up everywhere. The two bullies then go to the rescue and save the trapped people. Unfortunately, it cost them the video as their camera gets destroyed in the fight. In the end, we see one of the girls they saved come up to Skull and flirt with him a bit.

I feel like not a lot of action happened in GGPR #24, but it was nice. We got a different perspective on things, and two characters were fleshed out. I really like Bulk and Skull in the comics. They’re not caricatures, they’re characters. They have feelings and aren’t the butt of every joke. We actually see them hurt, and we feel some of their pain because we’ve been there before. We’ve all had that one person who has to one-up us at every turn and is a jerk about it.

What did you think of GGPR #24?

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