Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30 has dropped and that means we’re going to see what cool things we can spot. If you haven’t read it yet, this is your warning that spoilers are ahead.


This issue picks up with an interesting conversation between Zordon and Commander Cruger and Rita Repulsa. The two good guys try getting Rita to help save the day since if Drakkon gets his way, everything in existence will disappear and Rita’s part of that existence. She doesn’t seem to care too much about all of this until they bring up the fact that Drakkon killed his Rita and Drakkon’s powers are still rooted in Rita’s magic. Zordon then points out that he and Rita go way back and he wishes there was another way. I really liked this interaction between Zordon and Rita and it feels like it could potentially point to something like from the 2017 movie where they were both Rangers once upon a time. I’d love for Hasbro to really develop this idea in future movies.

Cut over to Drakkon who is pouring some molten ninja steel on Sabba and later we’ll learn this gives him the magical ability to drain the Ranger powers on the battlefield. However, the last panel of Drakkon starts a speech Jason is giving to all the Rangers that have gathered to attack Drakkon’s stronghold. During the speech we see awesome interactions such as Jen and Eric from Time Force reuniting, a hilarious introduction between the Phantom Ranger and the Magna Defender, and we see the Ranger Slayer has returned. Kimberly tells Jason the speech was awesome, and Jason then asks Kimberly to take control of the Megazord even though Pterodactyl isn’t part of the Dragonzord Battle Mode. With this, Jason hands over the Dragon Dagger and Power Shield to Kimberley, and I wish we got a better look at it.


The Rangers then begin their assault and we’re shown Cruger, Zordon, Rita, and Ninjor appear in what I believe is Rita’s throne room from Drakkon’s universe. We finally get to see what the grand plan is too. Rita lights a green candle like the one from Green with Evil and we find out that Drakkon’s powers are now linked to the candle just as they were in Green with Evil. This was an awesome way to bring Drakkon down in my opinion. While Drakkon isn’t defeated in this issue, it’s awesome to see this nod to the original show. Rita then decides to speed the candle up and for some reason, Zordon’s not ok with this. I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand why he wasn’t ok with speeding up the process that he seemed ok with starting.

Before Drakkon confronts Zordon and pals, Drakkon shows up and starts whooping the Rangers and stealing some more of their powers. Kimberly then shoots Drakkon with the Dragon Dagger which I assume is when the candle starts taking effect as that is when he seems to be weakening. Skip ahead a little and Drakkon learns that Zordon and Rita teamed up and Rita says she wants to speed things up. Finster 5 then shocks them all and seemingly knocks them out. Drakkon then decides he needs more power (understandably as his powers are being drained), but Finster 5 refuses to help him with the method Drakkon chooses as it could kill Drakkon. This, of course, angers Drakkon who snaps Finster 5’s neck (that’s two necks he’s snapped) and then goes on to try to boost his power.

We sadly don’t see the Black Drakkon from the cover, but I’m wondering if that’s the form he will have in the finale. My big question is, will the power boost stop the Green Candle from working? Also, what’s Ranger Slayer planning with a “moon rescue”? Was she referring to saving Zordon and company in Drakkon’s world?

My guess is that Ranger Slayer will play a role in bringing Drakkon down, but I kind of hope that Jason is the one to bring him down. I also don't see how Drakkon can come out of this alive. I hope that we get more of the battle that is ensuing.

Shattered Grid should be wrapping up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shattered Grid #1 on August 29, 2018. What’s been your favorite part of Shattered Grid so far? 

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