Power Rangers: The Psycho Path is a new graphic novel from BOOM! Studios, and it’s interesting. Be warned, there are spoilers incoming.

The Psycho Rangers are back!

Created by Karone when she was still the evil Astronema, the Psycho Rangers were programmed with overwhelming hate for all things Power Rangers. They were defeated at great personal cost, but now someone has brought them back and they are more murderous than ever before.

Who brought them back, and why? And can Former Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger Karone and her brother, Red In Space Ranger Andros, stop them before they bring the universe to its knees?

Ok, I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed by The Psycho Path. It’s not that what we had wasn’t good, it’s more like it felt rushed. I was really looking forward to this, and when I finally read it, I felt like we didn’t get to see enough of the character development to really feel satisfied in the end. Was Paul Allor not allowed more pages?

I would’ve liked one more mission where we could see them bonding more. Maybe make me believe that Psycho Yellow could’ve possibly trusted Karone. We know that she wasn’t really on board and didn’t trust Karone, but then we never see anything that really changes that to lead me to believe that she wouldn’t go lethal against the Power Rangers. I would’ve liked a little more to really individualize the Psychos. I feel like Pink gets a bit of the spotlight and the others are just thrown in.

All of that being said, The Psycho Path was still fun to read, and it was nice to break away from the Mighty Morphin team. Karone is really interesting to watch and see the tactics she employs. Also, it is fascinating to see the way the Psychos evolve. Yes, I wish we saw more, but it’s still really interesting to watch unfold. Part of me hopes we get another graphic novel exploring what the Psychos do with their new lives.

What did you think of The Psycho Path?

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