Let's Talk About That AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer and Here Are 42 Screenshots


Today fans woke up to the awesomeness of a new Avengers: Endgame trailer! I had no idea that was coming, so that was pleasant surprise.

I’ve watched the trailer multiple times already and have been trying to find little details in it that may hint to some things in the story. There aren’t many, and with Marvel, we don’t even know if what we are seeing will actually end up in the movie!

Anyway, I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots from the trailer for all of you to go through to see if you see or notice anything that we may have missed. I’ve also included a bit of commentary with some of the images.

Scroll through the screenshots, watch the trailer a few hundred more times and let us know if you if see anything cool we’ve missed!

Tony Stark is recording a loving message to Pepper as he prepares to possibly die in space. But we know he makes it back alive. The question is… is Pepper alive!?

Steve Rogers deep in thought about the state that the world is in remembers the words of Peggy Carter that “the world has changed and none of us can come back.”

Hawkeye training his daughter Kate to use a bow and arrow. I imagine that this is the introduction of Kate Bishop.

Black Widow and Hawkeye reunite in a touching moment. Hawkeye takes on the mantle of Ronin in this film as he is dealing with a heavy loss.

It looks like these shots are from a different time. If you notice in other shots Black Widow is sporting blond hair, but here in the photo above her red hair is growing out and there are blond highlights at the tips.

Scott Lang is looking a little confused as he is walking around. I imagine this is shortly after he manages to get out of the Quantum Realm.

More moments between Hawkeye and Black Widow. And Hawkeye gets into some heated action.

I love this badass shot of Rocket and War Machine!

Whatever it takes! I love that. This is the moment in the trailer that gave me goosebumps.

Here’s some intense battle footage, I just have no idea where the battles here are taking place! But I imagine Thanos is the guy they are fighting. We just don’t see him. As you see, Ant-Man is running on pencils and other office supplies, did Avengers headquarters blow up?

Hey look! The Avengers have awesome new space suits! These have previously been teased in promo art and action figure designs that had leaked.

And here we see Thor coming face to face with Captain Marvel for the first time and he seems to like her. The big question here is… what is the Captain Marvel/Thor ship name?

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