Life-Sized Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Looks Creepy But Delicious

When it comes to current actors rocketing to popularity practically overnight, Benedict Cumberbatch's name definitely stands out. Thanks largely to his work on the BBC show Sherlock — and to legions of devoted fans on Tumblr — he's become a household name, rocketing to the A-list and even snagging an upcoming role as one of Marvel's new cinematic heroes.

Apparently, he's also reached the level in his career at which he's famous enough to serve as the basis for a life-sized chocolate replica. The Telegraph has a video of the making of "Chocobatch," an 80-pound hollow chocolate version of the actor that took 250 hours to make. The resemblance is uncanny; it's almost too realistic, to the point where it would probably feel a little weird taking a bite out of this thing. Then again, chocolate's chocolate. 

With Easter coming up this weekend, good luck convincing any Cumberbitches in your life that a chocolate bunny will be good enough for them; to visit the real thing, you'll have to head to Westfield Stratford City in the UK tomorrow while it's on display.

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