LIGHTS OUT Sequel Already in Development

After one week at the box office, a sequel has been green-lit and is moving forward for Lights Out. Deadline says the film has already grossed $35 million worldwide in its opening weekend on only a $4.8 million budget.

Director David. F Sandberg, who originally made the film as a short featuring his wife, is currently directing Annabelle 2, so it's too early to tell at the moment if he is being eyed to direct the sequel.

Sandberg also reports that one of his other horror shorts is in talks for a feature film by New Line. Sandberg is, of course, surprised and excited by his sudden success:

"This has been such a crazy trip, we are still trying to process it all,” he said. “It was only a year and a half [ago] when New Line called us in Sweden and said, this is happening, be here next week. When people ask for advice, I tell them this all happened because we decided to make a short in our little apartment. Just keep following your passion and making things and putting them out there, because you just never know who will be watching and what might happen.”

Amateur filmmakers, this is the guy you look to if you're looking for a success story! It's really cool that in just one year's time, a random short film changed his life!

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