LINCOLN FIST AXE WARRIOR Fan Trailer Is the Abraham Lincoln Kung Fu Film We've Always Wanted

If you want to see an awesomely fun mashup, you've got to watch this fan trailer for "Lincoln Fist Axe Warrior"! It perfectly combines Steven Spielberg's Lincoln with Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The result is an old-school looking Kung Fu film with Abraham Lincoln. The video comes from CineFix, who had this to say:

If you thought Spielberg's Lincoln was a bit of a snooze-fest you might be interested to see what happens when you combine it with the other Lincoln movie released that year, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The result is a surprisingly convincing trailer for a Kung Fu movie, in which old Honest Abe must do battle against the "bad guys" in the only way he knows how: by kicking some serious butt!


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