Lion King: The Musical - Approved by Inexperienced, Creepy, and Out of Touch Dads

HumorVideosby Eli Reyes

“For almost two decades, The Lion King has dazzled audiences all over the world. And now, in its 17th year, it’s being discovered by a whole new type of fan…”

Has it really been running for 17 years? I still have yet to see Lion King: The Musical, and there is a whole list of other shows I wanna watch before I dish out the cash to see the stage adaptation of the Disney animated classic. After watching this video, though, it made its way a couple spots up my list. In this comedy sketch, all types of dads offer testimonials about Lion King: The Musical. One of the characters is a little too creepy, but the other dads portrayed are scarily accurate.

The video was written by Medium Friends and directed by Jon Mackey. To see more comedy from Medium Friends, click here.

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