Listen To The Entire BATMAN V SUPERMAN Soundtrack Here

Until now, we've only been given small clips of the much-hyped collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. Now we can listen to the ENTIRE Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice soundtrack! In case the initial tracks you've already heard weren't any indication, the soundtrack is absolutely awesome. Listen to it in full with the YouTube playlist below courtesy of Watertower Records. Here's the track list by the way:

  1. Beautiful Lie
  2. Their War Here
  3. The Red Capes Are Coming
  4. Day Of The Dead
  5. Must There Be A Superman
  6. New Rules
  7. Do You Bleed?
  8. Problems Up Here
  9. Black And Blue
  10. Tuesday
  11. Is She With You
  12. This Is My World
  13. Men Are Still Good
  14. Blood Of My Blood
  15. Vigilante
  16. May I Help You Mr. Wayne?
  17. They Were Hunters
  18. Fight Night
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