Live-Action Trailer for POWER RANGERS: SHATTERED GRID Comic Story

Remember how a couple of months ago I shared a picture of the most well-known Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, dressed up as the evil Lord Drakkon? I’m pretty sure we have our explanation now.

In anticipation of the launch of the comic crossover event between Saban Brands and BOOM! Studios, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, a live-action trailer was released. The trailer was written and directed by Kyle Higgins and stars JDF as Lord Drakkon. If you don’t know or remember who Drakkon is, he’s from an alternate universe where Tommy Oliver (JDF’s character) stays loyal to the evil Rita Repulsa instead of joining Jason and the other Rangers to fight for good and justice. In Shattered Grid, it appears that Drakkon wants to destroy the Morphin Grid which would effectively destroy the existence of all Power Rangers.

There are two trailers for the event, one that plays more like a movie trailer, and another that gives more of a quick synopsis, with awesome comic book artwork. This sounds freaking awesome to me. I want to read this event so bad!

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