LOGAN Concept Art Shows Early Designs for Wolverine, X-23, Professor X, and Caliban

Some more concept art for James Mangold's Logan has surfaced, and this time it features some of the early character designs that were created for the film. The art was created by Christian Cordella and highlights the mutant characters in the film including Wolverine, X-23, Professor X, and Caliban. As you'll see, some of these designs actually ended up in the film. 

If you haven't seen Logan yet, you need to get yourself to the theater and watch it! It's my favorite film of the year. Mangold and his team did such an amazing job with this movie, and I'm curious if we'll see them return for an X-23 film. The character definitely deserves a solo movie, but the story has to at least be as good as Logan.

The creator of X-23, Craig Kyle, recently shared his thoughts on what an X-23 movie should focus on, and I think it's a solid way to proceed. 

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