LOGAN Could Be Getting a Black and White Version

LoganJames Mangold by Joey Paur

Leading up to the release of Logan, we've seen a lot of black and white marketing material for the film. After seeing all of those beautiful black and white photos, I thought it would be cool to see a black and white version of the film, but I never really expected it to happen. Now it sounds like there's actually a chance that a black and white version of the film could exist at some point. 

A fan reached out to director James Mangold telling him he needed a black and white version of Logan in his life, to which Mangold replied, "Workin' on it." Here's the little exchange:

It sounds to me like this is something Mangold has actually been trying to make happen! I certainly hope he succeeds in his efforts because there are a lot of fans out there who would love to see it! I don't know if you ever saw the black and white version of Mad Max: Fury Road, but it's pretty incredible. 

I've already got my tickets to see Logan tonight, and I can't wait! Hopefully we eventually get to see a black and white version of it because it seems like it would work so well for this movie.

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