Look at the Past and Future of the Power Rangers in This Preview for GO GO POWER RANGERS #23

I am loving the Necessary Evil storyline happening in the Go Go Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics. Well, GGPR #23 will drop tomorrow, and we have a preview to check out. This seems to be a prequel to the storyline in MMPR, and you’ll understand better if you read the synopsis for the issue:

As the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers struggle to save Angel Grove from the fearsome War Bunny without Jason, the Blue Emissary forces the Red Ranger to confront surprising villains from his Shattered Grid past and shocking Necessary Evil future—kicking off the events that will result in the creation of a brand new team with a secret mission to save the galaxy—the Omega Rangers!

I am so excited for GGPR #23! This storyline has been incredible, and I’m loving every issue. GGPR #23 will be available tomorrow at your favorite comic shop and is written by Sina Grace and Ryan Parrott with Francesco Mortarino providing the art.

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