Look at This Art of a Realistic Ninetails and Vaporeon from DETECTIVE PIKACHU Artist

The trailer for Detective Pikachu has caused many fans to have confused feelings about the film. It looks way better than it has any right to be, and part of that has to do with how most of the Pokemon were created to look more realistic. Not all of them were great (Jigglypuff still looks weird to me), but most of them looked like they could actually exist. Now one of the artists for the film has shown off his take on what Ninetails and Vaporeon would look like in the film. RJ Palmer is known as arvalis on Deviant Art, and he recently put out this beautiful picture of the Pokemon pair with the following caption:

Eevee and Vulpix are superficially very similar Pokemon despite not being especially closely related. Both Eevee and Vulpix are very common in the high end Pokemon Beauty Contest circuit as they are prized for their aesthetics. As a result they are often raised together in captivity and are often very comfortable around each other. Pokemon friendships are be a strong bond that does not break despite when evolution to Vaporeon occurs. A Vaporeon raised in isolation or in the wild is very aggressive and dangerous to Ninetales. Under proper circumstances, their biology may have greatly diverged but their shared past can still bring them together for a peaceful interaction in spite of their type opposition. Don’t be a dick to people you grew up with even if they are more successful and have more tails than you.

I wish he would do one of all the Eeveelutions. Also, I want to see what Blastoise looks like because Blastoise is the best.

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