Look for Jack the Ripper in This Unofficial D&D Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons offers a popular ruleset for your tabletop roleplaying game needs. However, you don’t always want to be playing in a high fantasy setting. This leads to many fan-made adventures and supplements that put you in different settings such as Gothic Earth. Red Jack: A Masque of the Red Death Adventure by M.T. Black takes inspiration from the TSR RAVENLOFT setting from decades ago and has four first level adventurers trying to track down Jack the Ripper.

Red Jack takes place in Victorian London but has plenty of fantasy elements like ghosts thrown in for fun. The adventurre is designed for 4 first level players (pregenerated characters included) to take about 2-3 hours to complete. The adventure should be very doable in one session and the best part is that players will meet the famous Sherlock Holmes. That’s right, this adventure is more of a mystery than a loot quest or dungeon crawler and I love it.

My biggest complaint is with the pregenerated characters that are included. A couple of them are fine, but the stats for the revolvers (this is Victorian London after all) seem way too powerful for a level 1 character. The revolver is a bit too much. Because it is a Martial weapon and a revolver, I would imagine that it gets similar stats to a Hand Crossbow which would mean it would be 1d6, not 2d6. Of course, this may have been done because there are a few different revolver options present, but I think they could’ve been balanced better. Heck, the Heavy Crossbow only deals 1d10 damage. Overall, if you tweak the weapon stats, I think everything else about this adventure looks great. I’d love to run this campaign for some players.

You can grab Red Jack on DMs Guild for $2.95.

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