Looking for Some Awesome and Unique DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Dice? Check This Out!


I’m new to Dungeons & Dragons, and I’m still in the middle of playing through my first adventure. I’m loving every minute of it! Since I started playing I’ve been digging into D&D, reading lots of literature, and finding cool new stuff.

While I was at WonderCon this year, I came across a shop called Level Up Dice. They specialize in dice, and the sets they have for D&D are unlike anything that I’ve seen before. If you are looking for some really cool and unique dice that fits your style and personality, these guys have you covered!

The dice they have are hand-cut semi-precious stone, precision cut metal, wood, and more! You can check out some of what they have to offer below. They include Blue Sandstone, Raised Obsidian, Malachite, Siith Aluminum. Raised African Jade, Raised Egyptian Marble, Raised Gold Sandstone, and more!

This is just a little sample of what they have to offer. You can look through their current collection here. They change up their dice sets all the time.

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