Looks Like Ecto-Cooler is Going to Make a Comeback!

When the Ghostbusters-inspired beverage Ecto-Cooler was introduced to the world when I was a kid, it was seriously my favorite thing to drink. We always had the fridge stocked with that stuff until Hi-C stopped making it. Needless to say, it was a sad day when I went to the store with my parents to restock the fridge with it and Ecto-Cooler was nowhere to be found. 

It looks like the green-colored citrus-flavored drink could be making a comeback! It has been discovered that Coca-Cola just re-registered the US Trademark for Ecto Cooler, which says to me that they are looking to bring it back from the dead! Obviously they are doing this because of the new Ghostbusters movie that is coming out next year. 

This is going to be a huge hit if it actually re-launches. Fans have been wanting to see Ecto Cooler back on the shelves for years! I really hope that Coca-Cola really does plan on bringing this back instead of just doing this to preserve the trademark. I for one can't wait to taste that sweet, sweet citrus green nectar again!

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