Looks Like the Rangers Trade Powers (and Colors) in GO GO POWER RANGERS

Some future covers for Go Go Power Rangers have taken the internet by storm since Power Morphicon. It looks like some crazy things are happening when Shattered Grid ends as the cover for GGPR #16 shows the Rangers with their weapons drawn, but everyone is in different colors. Trini and Jason have swapped, so she is now the Red Ranger and he is the Yellow Ranger, and the other Rangers are no different. Zack is now Pink, Kimberly is Blue, and Billy is Black.

Issue 16 doesn’t have the only interesting cover though as the cover for #15 shows Trini and Jason making out with a heart-shaped something behind them. Of course, if you’ve read GGPR from the beginning, you realize this isn’t a huge surprise as it is revealed early on that Trini has a huge crush on Jason.

My big question is, what leads to this? I actually really like this idea of swapping everyone’s powers/colors, I just want to know the story behind it at this point and can’t wait for GGPR #14! If these covers aren’t enough, IGN also reports that at the Power Morphicon panel that debuted these comics, “it was teased that this story will sow the seeds for the iconic “Green With Evil” story arc, showing how Rita Repulsa first obtained the Green Power Coin.” I want them now!

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