Looks Like THOR Writer Zack Stentz is Writing a BOOSTER GOLD Movie For WB

Nearly a year ago, we heard that Warner Bros. was developing a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up movie, and that DC TV maestro Greg Berlanti (the guy behind Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow) was in talks to direct it. The initial report claimed that Zak Penn was in talks to write the film, but new information has come to light that a different Zack will bring the character to the big screen: that'd be Zack Stentz, the screenwriter (or co-writer) of films like Thor, X-Men: First Class, Power Rangers, and last night's episode of The Flash.

Cleats and Capes put the pieces together from a recent appearance Stentz made on Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast, and BirthMoviesDeath added a few bits of info to clarify.

First up, it's apparently a solo Booster Gold film now, and no longer the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up movie we heard about months ago. Also, as of now Berlanti is producing the movie and might be interested in directing it.

For those who don't know, here's a super quick primer on Booster:

Booster Gold, AKA Michael Jon Carter, was a football hero and celebrity in the 25th Century who became publicly disgraced after he was caught gambling on his own games. With his reputation tarnished, Carter stole super-powered relics from the past and traveled back in time, with the plan to become a famous superhero. Though he began cocky, Booster eventually became a real hero.

Tonally, that sounds about as far away from Batman v Superman as you can get. Expect announcements to be made about this movie (and potentially a TV show as well) very soon.

Warning: potential spoilers for the DCEU coming up.

BMD also adds that while Seth Grahame-Smith isn't directing The Flash movie anymore, the studio is keeping his screenplay in play, and it's "lighter and poppier" in tone than the dour Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Flash and Cyborg apparently become buds in Justice League, and Cyborg plays a supporting role in Flash's movie. Additionally, Wonder Woman's solo film is supposed to be "hopeful," which would also be a nice change in tone from BvS. We'll have to see how all of this plays out, and we'll see if new Batman Ben Affleck, now an executive producer on Justice League, can enact enough changes to that film to course-correct away from what he considered to be a disappointment with Batman v Superman.

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