Lord Drakkon Has a New Look on the Cover for MIGHTY MORPHIN #30

Shattered Grid is coming to an end. We have Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30 and then the finale and that’s it. When last we saw Lord Drakkon, he started putting the rush on finishing his goal to access the Morphing Grid. He was also in pretty bad shape as his body was tearing itself apart. However, it looks like he may have worked some things out as he can be seen on the cover of MMPR #30 with an awesome new costume!

Now, we don’t know if this is his final form or just an improved version like Cell when he got Android 17. You can see that instead of white, gold, and green, Drakkon’s color scheme has changed to black and gold with some more orangish hues by the emblem on his chest. Speaking of his chest, his shield underwent a redesign as well to be a bit more menacing. He looks ready to murder some rangers as his throne room has piles of Ranger helmets from all different eras and colors with the Green Dragon Ranger helmet under his foot. Talk about an amazing cover! I can’t wait to see what happens in the issue with all the Rangers launching an assault on Drakkon’s fortress. Do you like the new Drakkon?

MMPR #30 releases August 15, 2018.

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