Lord Zedd and Update v1.4 Now Available in BATTLE FOR THE GRID

The wait is finally over for fans who have been wanting to play as Lord Zedd in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Zedd was a big surprise when he was revealed a couple of months ago to be the third new playable character after Jenn Scotts and Trey of Triforia and fans were thrilled. He is a fan favorite villain and is sure to be a lot of fun with his ability to wield his Z-Staff to give him some range in combination with his ability to call Putties to help him out. You can now purchase Lord Zedd as part of the Season One Pass for $14.99 or individually for $5.99 through your system’s online store.

In addition to Lord Zedd, there’s also the free v1.4 update that goes live today as well. This update includes Story Act III: The Finale as well as some overall game improvements. The improvements include “[c]ombat improvements to make the battles even more fun and engaging,” the ability for you to create team presets for your favorite teams, improvements to the PS4 online play, and improvements to online matchmaking.

I’m glad to see Battle for the Grid see some much-needed love. In fact, it almost has me convinced that it’s not a dead project. Hopefully they can keep this momentum going and make it even more amazing. You can purchase Battle of the Grid now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One through each console’s own digital store or via the official site.

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