LORDS OF THE FALLEN Hands On Impressions - E3 2014

Ever since Lords of the Fallen was announced I was very intrigued. A new IP announced out of nowhere? This is an interesting game for sure. The developers kept the story a little close to the chest and said part of the fun of the game is discovering the world around you. What I did find out is that you play as a recently released convict whose mission is to kill a fallen god who has released demonic hordes upon the world. 

Two games came to my mind upon my play through, Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. Death happens quite a bit so a lot of the game is trial and error which got more aggravating rather than feeling like I was gaining some sort of knowledge. One of the things that seems like a straight up rip-off of Dark Souls was the ability to get your soul back after you die, thus getting experience back. There was no reason as to why this was happening. It just seems like a tacked on feature from another game. 

One thing I enjoyed though was the weapon variety. There are 9 different classes that are mostly melee based. You also have a gauntlet that can shoot fire in 3 different ways — sniping, scattershot, and explosive. All weapons can be wielded two-handed or can be used in combination with a shield. 

The variety of enemies was vast which was great. The environment can also be used to your advantage, such as when I tricked a heavy enemy into walking over a boarded up hole which he fell in and died. 

The biggest flaw though was the camera. It was godawful. Multiple times it would zoom in on a wall or get caught up behind an enemy which would completely obstruct my view and I would die. This will hopefully get fixed when the game is released this fall for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. 

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